Quercetin may reduce blood pressure according to a new study

A plant substance, flavonoid quercetin, could be used to treat hypertension levels in patients. A team of researchers at Dongguan People’s Hospital Dongguan Shilong, China, said they found in a new study in Nutrition Reviews that quercetin itself can have a great impact on blood pressure. They also checked for possible effects on glucose levels.

Quercetin is a substance found in various plants, including food plants such as onions, apples or even in red wine and tea. It is a plant pigment that has already been the subject of several studies in the past. It is precisely these that the researchers analyzed: they compared 17 previous studies, which analyzed the effects of quercetin on a total of 886 participants, to find that this substance reduced systolic blood pressure.

The researchers also found that those who consumed quercetin for a period of eight weeks or more showed reduced levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. However, the quercetin itself did not seem to particularly affect total cholesterol levels or fasting blood glucose concentrations.